Tropic Thunder (Beneteau 46, John Miller) Regatta Reports

March 7, 2018, 1820

The “Dirty Dog” watch handed off Tropic Thunder to the “Dead Head Bangers” AKA “B” team firmly in the windless grip of Cabo; some privately contemplating swimming to Mexico for a beer and shower. By morning, TT was in the wind stream from the Sea of Cortez, power reaching and lumbering like an angry buffalo towards PV. The B team snidely requested at watch change to “not break the wind” (all puns intended) and “try not to blow up any more sails”. A friendly competition is evident among the crew with money on the table to guess the actual finish time. At 1800PST TT was 138 miles from the finish. Current boat speed 6.0 ave. 7.1. Winds averaging 10-15 kts. Take a guess see if you are better than the crew. 

March 5, 2018, 1840

At midnight we surf waves with whooping shouts, grins, and no spinnaker. Then Orion and the stars of the milky way watch as our frothing bow wave gives way under slacking breeze and flattening seas. Morning brings dolphins, a lazy sea turtle and a fleet that is catching up. Capt. breaks out the A5 (Barney and Beaulah) ... a sail reserved for show not racing and it is game on again.

March 4, 2018, 1900

Today we morn the loss of a trusted friend; Blue A2. You were a trusted friend through TransPac 2017 and gave more than was asked. Farewell Blue A2, you brought us this far.  The rest is on us. On the brighter side Steven and Capt. John replaced a flagging alternator in record time; 45 minutes. Stay tuned, this soap opera ain’t over yet. Just when you think everything is going well either Mother Nature says here, hold my beer or Murphy taps you on the shoulder.