Fast Exit (Andrews 40, John Raymont) Regatta Reports

Saturday, March 3, 2018, 1940

Start day was off to poor running when one of the team lost his phone overboard, before we had left the dock. It's in a waterproof case and two of the team immediately jumped into see if they could find it. No joy, one phone down. The start area was inside San Diego Bay. So we had a nice start and headed out of the bay along with the main competition. As the third slowest boat in our class, we were able to hang in with the speedsters until we got out of the bay. In the lighter conditions we struggled a bit, but managed to put up a good fight anyway. Had a nice battle going through the Coronado Islands, and then things went a bit pear shaped. Very light conditions into the early morning on Saturday had us floundering slightly with some weird gybe angles. Sunrise showed a very cool looking but rather sullen sky with a mixture of small rain squalls and heavy looking currus around us, loitering about and threatening some bother. Roll call had us in close company with the leaders and as the day has progressed we have gained better and better pressure. Currently sailing at 10 to 13 knots of boat speed and waiting on a Lasagna dinner. Not too shabby at all.