Cabernet Sky (Beneteau 48, Charles Buckner) Regatta Reports

Monday, March 5, 2018, 1700

Exciting night rolling thru sustained 25 kts winds in 20’+ seas. A turn at the helm tested ones mettle. In true “Corinthian spirit”, crew appreciated having dined already on chicken Tikka Masala over basmati rice, paired with a ration of Oregon Pinot Noir. All aboard doing well.

It was indeed difficult to drive the boat in the wind and waves we plowed thru most of the night. An hour at the helm was about all one could do. For most of the crew it was the challenge of their lives (at times feeling like that was going to be the cost:).

At about 2 AM, we were visited by either a ghost or pirate ship. Debbie Cylke woke me, excitedly reporting that a ship was coming at us, showing up on the AIS with Status as “Dangerous”. The aspect of drama on the high seas keenly interested me.  I donned my jacket and came up on deck. Sure enough, a sailboat approaching fast on our stern. The AIS screen showed the name “Prospector” (one of the yachts in the race) and indeed was listed on the AIS screen as “Dangerous”. Prospector turned to port and sailed down behind us, sounding their horn to say hello as they sailed by. The AIS screen changed Status to “Safe”, now that we were no longer in danger of colliding into each other based on headings and bearings. So much for ghosts and pirate ships, I turned and went back down below.

Per the fleet summary from the race committee, we officially crossed the halfway mark about 0600 this morning, with 499 nm to go. The crew cheered the milestone, looking forward to finishing the race and getting into Puerto Vallarta for a proper celebration. As an immediate reward, brunch was served: curried devil eggs and pancakes hot off the griddle with fresh blueberry syrup.

With the fast boats that left San Diego Friday and Saturday now up to or past us, and our standing in our own division, it appears the hand writing is on the wall - Cabernet Sky likely to pull in with the Tail End Charlie position. Nonetheless, we sail on, under the A2 flying, enjoying every minute of the adventure.